Fresh Grad here needs some advise

I am currently a fresh graduate from an undergraduate degree majoring in finance and im interested in fields such as equity and derivatives, where’s the best place that I can start my career? Need some help and tips from you guys here. Thanks so much.

Just start applying for jobs and internships and get going…

Hint #1: It’s spelled “advice.”

you beat me to the punch farley

heh jerks. darrell… if you didint attend those career fares in college and youre looking for work now then i assume you wanted to give youself a nice little vacation before you started. If i was you, i would walk up to a company you wanted to work with and hand out your resume. cause i tell you, all the jobs on monster blow.

You have to leverage your existing relationships/contacts. If you don’t have any in the field you desire to work in you have to go out there and get them. Good Luck.