Friday, May 31st, One day before the d-day - What are you going to do?

CFA III peeps,

We are too close to the beast now with everyone developing their own game plans by now. Quick question from me - Whats your game plan for the last day, one day before the exam?

Review flash cards, formulas, and anything I recognized as having trouble committing to memory. Stop studying in early to mid afternoon. Try to take a nice poo. Eat a sensible dinner. Watch a movie. Hope to go to sleep easily.

^ What he said.

NOT study.

Prepare my lunch for the next day.

Weight train. Lots of swimming. Golfing. Relax, have some fun, and try to knock myself out so I can sleep easily.

Eat very intelligently. Nothing that will make my stomach upset the next day.

NOT drink. I haven’t had a drink in month anyway, but I DO plan to drink a lot after the test.

Just have everything prepared/organized for when I wake up, so all I have to do is shower.

Go to bed around 8pm.

buy some pencils, an eraser and a battery

Review some basics in morning to early afternoon

maybe go buy a post exam bottle of Jack D

hit some golf balls

hit some baseballs

eat the veggies

maybe some poundage


wake up and crush exam

I always tell myself that I won’t study on the last day…I always end up studying until 10PM or so which is a terrible idea. It’s worked so I can’t complain too much.

I really do want a relaxing Friday this year though. I have the day off so I might hit up the golf course with a few cold ones and maybe catch a movie that night.

Light studying of GIPS, option payoff diagrams and reviewing my Schweser Quicksheet and formula sheets.

Then driving to the testing location (2.5 hours drive) - chilling at the hotel -> probably hit up the pool for a few laps, try to fall asleep early with some sleepy time tea…

Tim Hortons in the morning for a medium double-double (no way I can go into an examen without my Canadian fuel!)

I work that day, but plan on doing some light studying at work, since Friday afternoons are typically dead in the market. Head home, take a shower, eat a light dinner ( I usually go on a PBJ diet a couple days prior. Not taking any chances of a intestinal bugs), watch a little baseball, hit the sack early. Pretty standard stuff. Wife and kid are staying with a friend, so I should be able to relax and breathe for the evening.