Friday night delight - Alternatives Quiz

Pick the correct statement a) For hedge funds annual compensation are based on committed capital b) For private equity annual compensation are based on committed capital c) For hedge funds high water mark caps annual fees paid to the fund manager


c is not correct , because high water mark applies only to incentive fees not annual fees. In A there is only invested capital , not committed capital So it must be B


Should be b

B too easy

sorry i missed the fun yeah B i like how janarski reasoned it out…i propose this is the model we should all follow as much as we can… pick the right answer with reasoning and also note why the other are incorrect. cheers

Only a few can be models, but I agree with you. lol.


one day we should all do a breakdown of how everyone came up with their names…i posted janarski but it really is janakisri…

You guys got it right its “B”