Friday Night: Whose studying!

Yet another weekend passes by. Am I at the cold play concert then bar like the rest of my friends? No, I am taking a short 20 minute break from studying to post on a message board about the subject i am studying for. Misery loves company, who else is with me!

I’m studying, though not a whole lot. I read a little Ethics for about 45 minutes, now starting about an hour’s worth of Econ review, and finishing the Econ review tomorrow…econ is tooo easy I hope this plan I have is going to work…I’ve read each book twice now, except for Econ and Derivatives. I now plan on going back and going quickly through each book again, focusing on things I am not clear on. I’m going to spend roughly 2 days reviewing each CFAI book, move on to the next, and so on. Hoping to review each book another 2 times, then take the 2 cfai mock exams. Finally, go back and touch up on areas in which I scored poorly on the mock exams.

i would rather study CFA than go see coldplay. chris martin is annoying live and their setlist never changes.

I’m studying. I will be doing nothing but studying from now until the exam. I’m so so far behind!

I’m drinking lots of coffee tonight and studying. My girlfriend is out of town for a week visiting her parents at home, so I’m using this time to my advantage.

I don’t have anything to do, nowhere to go, so I guess I am doing just the same thing, studying.

right here with you guys…im reviewing econ i just took a 60 Q test Quant and Econ, and Quant is coming back to haunt me! yikes…

Saturday night and am studying…find myself deep in “The Zone”. If I can keep up this level of intensity, I am definitely going to pass this thing. Started studying in April, and have the next four weeks off (one of the silver linings of having been laid off!). So for those of you out there busting their rear ends for this exam – keep it up. You’re hardly alone at this point.

oooh Sat night I have a huge Date with FSA…she is a hottie!!!

I go out at 12 every weekend. I realized I can’t study in the week if I can’t have something to look forward to.

beingthatguy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > oooh Sat night I have a huge Date with FSA…she > is a hottie!!! I hear she puts out too…

i also am at home miserable and studying on a saturday night. i did the same thing yesterday. but i can’t afford not to as i am only on P.90 of Schweser FSA and I haven’t started Ethics and AI. I feel so restless and all I do is count how many pgs I have left till I get to concept checkers part (a sign that i am through one reading… makes me feel less hopeless).