Friday night

I should be out enoying myself …

enjoying I meant… I am going mad!!! Portfolio management - I have been three days working on it and still not seeing any improvement!!!

That first comment sounded pretty funny. hahahahah Don’t enjoy yourself too much. Hopefully you can find a date to enjoy your evening with. :slight_smile:

I am finishing options which I am not too found of and starting swaps… so it’s going to be a party

Hey wonder, we are on the same boat. I started PM on Monday, and still struggling with it. Think about all the Fridays that you will enjoy in a couple of weeks!

What are you doing for Portfolio Management? CFa material or questions etc?

First I read all the material from Schweser to try to know the beast. Then I did some comparison between Schweser and CFAI, and except for the part related to Active Risk and Return (see my other post about the FMCAR), I found that Schweser did a pretty good job. So I stick to Schweser. I am done with the re-reading and learning of LOS 68 and 69. I want to be done with the other LOS by tomorrow mid day. Then I will do the end of chapter questions. And to end the week-end (maybe Monday depending on NBA playoffs), I will print from QBank 60 questions easy, 60 medium and hard, and again 60 mix and see how good I memorized the stuff. I might need an extra day to review it, and after that, I plan on taking my first exam to be prepared for Stalla Mock Exam. What about you?

After the kids go to bed, then its 4 hours or so of formula and qualitative review. I’m taking another practice test this weekend so here we go baby!

just another weekend of bottles and models for me…oh wait…

first friday night session for me

Hi nicolargol, Basically I am working questions at the moment from the question bank. I read parts from schweser and cfa material a while ago and this week I was working on questions. In the meantime I was revising the material (weaknesses).

Just woke up. Am I late for the Friday night role call?

i went out. bad bad me. i’m ready to go now though. i think more corp fi this AM, back to FSA for the afternoon? good times.