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I’m confused… what’s there to discuss?

Man becomes a midsized player selling black market guns and narcotics in NYC. Man also becomes involved in armed robberies and does several years for beating a 57 year old father of four to death during one such robbery. Man has a history of night club fights involving knives and weapons. Eventually man storms into late night diner to confront other thugs, gets shot repeatedly and dies.

This is a deep topic. After eatin at said diner, I learned of the story. Faith aside, it seemed like Karma was at work. Really helps position myself to live a good life and do unto others. I dont want a vengeful death not hate comments on my feed after my demise.

Street Justice at work.

Quotes from another forum discussing this (happened in 2010):

"Regardless if they was peoples hood rich shot young classik 2 times in the head and 3 times in the back. Now you figure hood rich would lay low right? Spend some time in a house. Not hood rich. He decides to go from New York to North Carolina to see a bobcats game . In the VIP section no less . The genius end up on the jumbo tron screen, rocking the same chain he had on when he killed classik, gets identified by someone in the crowd and is arrested. "

"Turns out the money they was flossing wasn’t legal (surprise surprise). They was running a bank scam stealing money from accounts. They were cashing checks at $60,000 a clip. My thing is this, 1) Why the fukk you doing illegal sh!t like this and flossing so hard on YouTube? Really breh? "

Guy wasn’t even legit hood selling black market guns and narcotics like he claimed. Just a bank scammer.


Dude, it’s an old story about an even older concept. 2000+ years ago people wrote the still ubiquitous phrase “live by the sword, die by the sword”. It’s no new news that drug dealers and violent people tend to wind up dead. Happens every day. It’s amazing to me that any mildly intelligent being over 18 years old is surprised by this “profound” topic.

I suppose. Thought there may be some vibrant discussion.

My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

My dog’s breath smells like your cat

I don’t understand why these thugs don’t just change their profession after accumulating enough wealth to last them a lifetime?

If I did this, I would just use the money to buy legitimate small/mid size businesses, move to a rich gated community and become a honest tax paying citizen. Make sure I pay enough money to keep the IRS from snooping around.

I don’t think they actually had that much money. But overall, yeah, I agree.