On Friday I plan to take it easy.

I could either do Ethics (which I don’t like and feel is a weak area - although everything seems like a weak area) or read through Secret Sauce.

What do you think?

both… do a few sets of ethics questions, shouldnt take more than an hour. And then read through secret sauce. Im planning on doing the same thing except with the 11th hour book.

Read the examples in ethics + ROS. Secret Sauce is too high level to be much help in LII, imo (except for a couple of their charts).

The only thing Ill be doing CFA related Friday is going through Ethics EOC in the morning and revising anything I get wrong (which will likely be everything Management Supervisory Resposnibility - stupid topic). Once I am done with that I am just going to relax. Hoping to get through the ~60 questions there by lunch time.

Thanks guys.

By the way knight90 - I heard the 11th hour Guide is over 300 pages long. That’s a lot of material to cover for the last day.


I don’t think Secret Sauce would be of much help.

Don’t do much Friday. Much more productive use of your time for Saturday.

revise all the formulas … maybe write them two three times for all the topics … this is my plan …

do the FinQuiz Question bank … each subject maybe random questions …

FORMULAS and work on problems you *know will be on the exam… every SS has 2-3 “core” topics that are very easily testable

can u identify the core topic for portfolio management and derivatives … i m still struggling with them :smiley:

I wrote a note on PM.

PM- very conceptual and lots of key formulae to know. R53 (portfolio concepts)- big one. Variance for 3 assets, efficient frontier, variance for equally weighted portfolio, CML, CAL, SML, systematic vs unsystematic risk, beta/adjusted beta, multifactor models (macroeconomic, microeconomic/fundamental), arbitrage pricing model, active risk/return, factor/tracking portfolios. R54 (residual risk and return-information ratio) is a lot of easy formulae. Memorize them. Alpha, IR, value added, optimal level of residual risk. R55 (fundamental law of active management) more formulae. IC, BR, market timer. R56 (PM process and the IPS) I think is covered in depth at L3 but its very important to CFAI and ties in with Ethics so maybe their way of adding ethics to the L2 exam (ethics bumped from 10% to 10-15% this year) is to have 2 ethics vignettes and 2 PM vignettes, one of which focuses on IPS. Investment objectives (risk/return) important here, along w investment constraints. Lots of this material comes secojd nature to me, so just skim it and focus on formulae in PM.

derivatives -option pricing binomial model, value to fixed rate and floating rate side of swap, equity index forward

pm - the IR ratio and all its derivations/ VA/, portfolio variance formulas, all the formulas for Beta

I’ve been studying with the 11th hour guide the last few months and making notes in it as I go, it really is a great guide and has helped me lots for FRA especially. There’s no way you could read the whole thing on the last day but if you’ve highlighted the things you need to know in it then it’s been a great tool in my opinion. Well worth the money

I am not working thursday or friday, so will be copying out my ~10 pages of key notes as many times as I can. If I forget formulas and fail I’ll be pretty disappointed. If I fail becuase I’m just more stupid than the other candidates, then thats fine.

how many readings have you not covered at all? i’ve left too many things to chance :frowning: and i cant start now … all i m doing is practicing everything i’ve covered and i am gonna solve more questions of fra and equity on friday and will go through my own formula sheet which i’ve prepared myself … i thing that my own formula sheet is better than schweser’s and elan’s or anyone else’s for that matter.

Reading back all my notes 5 times, memorizing everthing I didn’t have time to so far. The take-it-easy part starts on Saturday night with a cold one…or two…or…

Taking it easy on Friday - need to be focused for Saturday.

I’m taking it easy now - I went for a long drive early in the morning, drove all across London - it was so relaxing. I don’t recollect feeling that good just driving a car around.

Getting a manicure, checking out the test center, having a good meal.

Today I’m going for a long walk - cannot take this any longer. I’m getting so restless that I’m not covering anything.