I have heard a couple of different things about Friday before the test…some say keep going and review last minute items, other says relax, do some ethics and call it – a la “you know it or you don’t”. I am not really sure what to do, but will likely be some combination of the two. Any insight? BJ

The dude from Schweser who wrote the secret sauce says to read ethics and his secret sauce book and then go see a movie, watch tv, etc before you go to bed. Personally, I’m going balls to the wall. I could only imagine how frustrated I would be if I failed barely and thought back to slacking off the last night.

I’m gonna take it easy on Friday and just go over some Stalla vids. Been going at it for 15 hrs a day since Thanksgiving.

I live two hours away from my test center so getting a hotel in the city the night before. I’m going to take a long bubble bath and look over my formula sheet.