anyone have something good lined up? i can’t help but feel this is one of the worst ends to a week we’ve had in a long time friday: gym then seeing ‘the girl with the dragon tattoo’, studying saturday: 50 miles on the bike, errands, pool, practice exams, date/concert sunday: run, studying a lot, grilling, sox-yanks

Friday: Study, Bum around the apartment Saturday: Marathon Study Session I, date/bar Sunday: Marathon Study Session II, more bumming.

Yesterday: Passed out early studying, woke up to a few texts from some loose women i’ve been talking to. Today: Studying, watching the Hawks play like s h i t, going down to Ocean Reef Club tonight for a little networking. Sunday: Studying, Ironing (because I havent convinced any of said loose women to do it for me yet) probably rub one out