Friedman doctrine, Kantian theory


when doing the schwesser mock exam i came across a question on Friedman doctrine, Kantian theory and viel of ignorance concept. However i could not find any reference to this in the cfa material. Does it mean that those concepts have been taken out from this year curiculim?


In 2015 Schweser? Or some old version?

this has been taken out in 2015. it existed in the 2014 course


Thanks. It was mentionned in exam 2 morning session mock exam

glad to know if was taken out

Are you sure you study with the correct material? I didn’t see it in 2015 schweser. Which question was it?

I’m studying 2014 level 3 schwesser exam prep

Is it a big deal if i work on the 2014 version of the schwesser mock exams? It should not make big difference right?

No, not a big deal,but there have been some changes in the curriculum, so I wouldn’t use the old schweser notes. For the exams, most of it is identical.