Friend works where exams are printing and can get one

Would be for sure a violation of the code of ethics!

ya think?

not a violation. CAN doesnt imply action

you know what that would be worth?

ebay auction, what would be starting bid?

IF that were possible starting bid would easily be north of $ 500 .

My guess is that they print 'em in house.

i’d be willing to bet that it would go for as much as 10k… but in that case the CFAI would cancel this year’s test for sure

shark - or do what a professor of mine did in college. Someone stole an exam so the prof completely rewrote it so that the stolen exam would have no value. Hopefully CFAI has a backup plan.

Like 70% of ethics questions, the correct answer is this: It is NOT a violation, so long as you disclose the conflict.

disclose it to who? if a friend says he can get one there is no violation at all. unless you say yaaaa. you can still be friends. at what point does it subtly become a violation? arrgh… these ethics questions… to make myself happy i jsut say schweser’s answer is wrong and i’m right.

I’d bet the CFAI has about 5 copies of each exam every year Well, at least 3 I guess … 1 Usual 1 for Religious Purposes 1 for fuck ups