friendly reminder

The following conversation between me and BA II Plus took place sometime earlier today:

Me: Ops, I am really sorry that I just spilled milk shake on you

BA II Plus: …

Me: Let me clean you up real nice. You are still gonna take good care of me on June 2nd right?

BA II Plus: …

Me: right?

BA II Plus: …

Me: oh, did i mention that you are getting a new CR2032 tomorrow?!

BA II Plus: #%$%@^?

Me: Yes it is Energizer. =.=

When you start having conversations with your calculator I think its time for a break…


I have a question, i heard that some people failed due to writing on certain papers… Is there a specific place we shouldnt write on ?


I enjoyed your conversation and the reminder. Nice break from the reading the stupid fixed income attribution. Thank you.


or a trip to the nice building with the padded walls…

I’m going to get a Maine Lobster Spread! :wink:

BA II plus not replying coz he knows after 2nd june you not gonna even a speak a word (offcourse if everything goes well :slight_smile: )

Funny - I thought about buying another one for back up “just in case”. Then I think if I pass, WTF would I need another one for? Internal struggle continues…