FRM 1 for Nov - How many hours should I put in?

I just sat for CFA Lvl II. I have an undergrad in math and econ. Currently working 40 hrs/week so usually have 3-4 hrs/day to study plus weekends. Is it feasible to write FRM Part 1 in November?

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Any advice on 3rd party note providers for FRM 1 also appreciated!

I probably put in 100 - 200 hours, realistically I’d say around 150 hours. Passed easily. I have no math background.

I used GARP and Schweser books for level 1 and Schweser books only for level 2. The GARP books are very academic and hard to read. Schweser gives a good overview of the concepts and is good for getting to grips with everything, but the questions are slightly easier than they would be in an exam. Overall though, Schweser is great if you have limited time.

Passed level 2 with similar amount of hours put in, but not as comfortably as I did L1.

Jimpop, thank you for the reply. Did you ahve any CFA experience before attempting FRM 1?

I just passed CFA level 2 and hoping thats enough to be able to rely on 3rd party providers for FRM 1.

Insight appreciated.

Can’t help you there.

You will have covered a lot of material that is relevant through CFA 1 + 2, but there is a good deal fo material (maybe 40%-50%) that isn’t covered. I’m planning on about 300 hours, but I don’t have the CFA background.

Thank you for the reply, Coase.

Have you started studying yet? And are you using 3rd party notes providers?

Yeah. I started back in April or May (can’t remember), I ordered the books prior to the May exam. I am not using a 3rd party, but I may end up doing so for the practice exams. The ones GARP provides are short and I don’t feel like I am getting enough practice via their exams - you may not have the same issues with your background.