FRM after CFA level 1?


I am currently studying for the upcoming CFA Level 1 june '13 exam, but also cosidering to to go for FRM full exam in november session. From the research that i have done, it appears to be very risky and difficult. But Is it doable?

my second option is to go for FRM part 1 in nov '13 and part 2 in may '14. But I fear that’s going to cause a bigger difficulty in respect of the next CFA exam (june 14).

How much overlap would you say there is in CFA Level 1 and FRM full exam? I am also an ACCA qualified, anybody has an idea of how much would that help, if any. What would you say would be the right approach for me? I am also working full time.

P.S as you can already see from my stats, i am pretty new to this forum. So in case if have broken any rule, appologies for that. I thought this would be the right forum to pose this question.

Hey I passed CFA L1 in Dec 2013. I’m considering attempting the Nov 2014 FRM exam in full (both Part 1 and 2) I’ve just gone some Schweser notes for Part 1. Quant is highly advanced as compared to CFA L1. Part 1 alone is doable. Both parts would be very difficult.

My two cents.

My Plan

2012 June CFA Level 1 - Passed

2013 June CFA Level 2 - Passed

2014 May FRM Part 1 -

2015 June CFA Level 3 -

2015 Nov FRM Part 2

There is not point rushing through the exams. Take time and make sure you pass. Its a lot of Pain to write any exam again. FRM Part 1 is advisable after clearing 2 levels of CFA because there is lots of merge in the syllabus around 40% of FRM Part 1 would have been cover in CFA L1 and L2.

^ No love for the CAIA and the CFP?

It is indeed a lot of pain to resit an exam. But i have to serve my current organisation for the next three years due a contract, and i can get a significant rise if I can manage to pass FRM. Thats why I am trying to get done with it as soon as I can.

It’s motivating when your employer foots the bill.