FRM after CFA

Hi ALL!! I am a CFA qualified. I have been making up my mind to pursue FRM but still am undecided. Is it logical to do FRM after CFA as the later is considered to be the gold standard. Any one with both CFA and FRM certification, would you recommend me to do FRM or would you go with any other certification ?. Any help would be highly appreciated

Please decide what you want to do in your career. Then try to answer will FRM help in achieving that target. If yes, then go ahead otherwise there is no need to spend effort and money. Answer honestly to yourself and all doubts will clear.

  1. Do you have a passion for the work that requires that designation 2) Is it of use in your current role or in a role you want to have in the future?

As others have pointed out already that it solely depends on the career path you want to pursue. As of now except for 1-2 banks among Big 5, no other employer really cares about FRM (I bet most haven’t heard of it) in Pakistan. Even CFA without relevant work experience isn’t valued that much because apparently every other person in local investment industry and banking has passed at least level1.

If you have CFA and are really interested about RIsk Management, I wold consider PRM as well.

Advantages: it is cheaper to obtain than FRM and, if you already have CFA, you can be exempted from 2 of the 4 modules.

Disadvantages: in some places PRM is still less recognised than FRM. But that depends on what you want to do as a professional and where you are based.

I completed modules 3 and 4 of PRM. It was quite interesting.