Hi Folks, I just passed level II and wanted to know if FRM and CAIA are recognized in the industry. I also would like to know the level of difficulty for these exams. Any help in answering these questions would be greatly appreciated!

get a job first in the industry and then look for adding qualifications. CAIA and FRM are different ball games. One is for Risk Mgmt and other is for Alternative Inv. What do you want to do?

I have been working on real estate asset valuations for five years, but do not know what the future holds.

Its a really typical thing…ppl ask whether they should do CFA or FRM…The FRM designation is very different from the CFA designation…you need to find out whether you like risk management, portfolio management or alternative investments…you may look into the course content to find out…if you are just keen on being where the future lies then u should pursue an MBA…you dnt need any of the aforesaid designations