Recently passed the level 2 exam. don’t find the quants particularly hard in the level 2 cirriculum, even with the additional from level 3 last year. For those who know, how does the FRM fair up in terms of quants? 2 months of studying can do for the FRM? assuming some quant knowledge is transferable…

Hey I am taking the FRM in Nov and CAIA L1 in September. Havent started studying for either. but I think it shouldnt be that bad. I just cleared my CFA LII.

i am thinkin of the CAIA in march and then level 3 in june. FRM shouldn’t be too bad. which date is it for in nov?

That is nice! FRM is on 15th Nov 2008.

3 weeks should be sufficient for CAIA L1. I am writing CAIA L2 this September. I haven’t started studying yet, but I am hoping that 3 weeks (roughly 100 hrs) should be enough.

i am doing CAIA level 1 in 2 weeks. Although i wished i studied more, having cleared CFA level 1 in june gives me more confidence. for you guys that smoked CFA level 2, CAIA should be fairly easy. anyone know of a CAIA forum???

lol… No CAIA forums that I have heard of… So i guess, AF is the only option… I havent started studying for either… Didnt feel like studying till the results came out…I am confident 3 weeks for CAIA L1 and 2 months for FRM should be enough… Does anyone have FRM notes in a pdf format? I just wanted to glance…

Haven’t seen the FRM designation around too much. I understand that its a risk designation, but how widely recognized/accepted/appreciated is it?

FRM is pretty well recognized PRM is much newer but is gaining some ground CAIA is also newer, not sure how well it’s getting recognized right now though.

i had an interview today and they asked about the CAIA on my resume: I said it was going to be bigger as the private equity and hedge fund world continued to grow in the next decade. also, that it “was an investment in my education and a potential source of leverage in an increasingly competitive job market”