FRM and CFA work experience requirements overlap?

Sat for CFA L2 last month and I’m considering doing FRM P1 this november. I was wondering between the 2 designations, in terms of professional experience reqirements, is there significant overlapping? And what are the areas of work recognized by CFA but not FRM and vice versa?

There is significant overlap between the programs. Bits and pieces of Cfa L1, L2, L3 will appear in FRM P1 which will add up to about 50% of the FRM P1 curriculum.

Hi dwheats, I believe you were refering to the overlap of the curriculums? If L1~3 add up to half of P1, how about P2? Any overlap there as well? And also, what about the work experience reqirement for FRM? Is it essentially the same with that of the CFA? Are there any obvious differences?

I have not started studying for P2 of FRM so not sure. Also, have not submitted work experience for either program yet.

I did both CFA and FRM and I may say that it is overlapped.

At least I do not have any obstacle for work experience.