FRM and Schweser

anybody here doing the FRM in November? I just finished reading the FRM Handbook (The big book by Jorian) and I have noticed that the Handbook is significantly more difficult then the Schweser readings. I also have noticed that there is a huge change in the LOs with regards to the Basel Accords and capital risk charges. seems like there will be less questions concerning calculations of risk charges since most of the regulatory readings centres around “discuss” rather then “calculate”. what are your thoughts pertaining to the FRM/Schweser readings?

i have both Schweser and the Handbook. I have not read the handbook yet but i am about 40pgs done the last Schweser book. I plan on reading the handbook once I am done with Schweser. I have noticed the same thing regarding wanting to “discuss” and not “calculate”. Actually, there seems to be very little calculating overall and more of the test is explaining. I would assume that Schweser looks at the most recent required readings and builds the books upon that (at least that is what I am hoping). Are you at all worried that the Schweser books will not be sufficient or I am being over confident regarding Schweser? (I did use them to pass L 1 & 2 of CFA and will use them in June for L 3)

i’m not really worried, just trying to get a good picture of my opponent. the handbook is A LOT more complex and it leaves out a lot of material. but the Handbook is definitely more concise. I have just started the FRM Schweser, so far so good.

I am still on Chapter 20 of the FRM hand book. Do you guys think I still have a chance of passing? Time running out… Should I also read Schweser? Are you guys telling me there are not too many quantitative questions in the real exam?