FRM Aspirations

Hi everyone, I’m not very familiar with the FRM but i saw it mentioned on the CFA forum. Just wanted to throw a couple questions out there. 1) What area do you work in now and what are you planning to do with the designation? 2) Are you enrolled in the CFA program?, how far through? 3) How difficult is it to achieve compared to the CFA Program? Any insight would be really appreciated

if i had a nickle for every time this topic was discussed… just use the search function, you will find all the answers.

  1. I work within the Hedge Fund industry. I am in search for the right career in Finance and felt that a FRM can do no harm to my prospect. If i happen to fancy a risk role, then i can always throw the FRM in but if i don’t, then i can just leave it to one side. 2) I have passed CFA lvl 1, may enroll for lvl 2 after completing the FRM and CAIA level 2 (CAIA level 1 passed) 3) It doesn’t seem too difficult; maybe alittle more difficult than the CFA lvl 1. I dont think the exams that i have done are difficult in terms of the content but the difficulty lies with remembering the hugh volume of information. Hope it helps, happy to discuss
  1. Fixed income, and I have no idea, make sweet love to it? I’ve got free time and figured it’d be a useful thing to keep me sharp for Level III studying and that it can’t hurt to have as a designation, should I choose to use it. 2) Level III candidate 3) Ask me on November 18th.

1)Currently working at a portfolio management software house, maybe move into more complex software with risk management metrics built in. Moving into a front-office role is kinda far fetched from my perspective in the crowded Toronto market. And software vendors are pretty cozy places to work… Like skillionaire, I figured it’s a nice to have, wouldn’t count on it making much tangible difference in marketability. And I think it’s rounds out the stuff learned in the CFA program. 2) Level III candidate 3) With the CFA background, everything is pretty familiar and interesting so far…but it’s still early.

  1. Risk management. 2. Just finished L3. 3. Looks and feels pretty easy relative to CFA.

thanks for the responses everyone

  1. Rating agency, and placing the letters next to my name. 2. Failed Level 2 a second time, passing it next year. 3. The material is a little tougher, but there is a lot less material to remember vs. CFA.