FRM career prospects

How has the FRM designation influenced your career since obtaining it?Which industry specific besides investments/asset management?

It didn’t influence mine because obviously I am not after the FRM designation. But I think post 2007 and the Basel Regulations have been very pedantic and FRM will help with that part. I think you can find better information in the link below.


Thanks SamCryBaby :slight_smile:

Don’t see the link attached.

I find FRM designation to be still new to financial industry in South Africa. Although it is much more popular elsewhere. In my profession many companies still value master degree as basic essential. Just makes me wonder… Maybe its just a third world thing :slight_smile:

I don’t think there’s much to add on here, the above link does a good job addressing your question in details

For the most part, employers don’t care about the FRM. However, the syllabus seems pretty useful in introducing you to risk management concepts on a shallow level.

nice link sir

Tanks. The link really opened my eyes to FRM.

Allianz - Head of Internal Audit

Beside the previous work experience in auditing,

ACCA - Key advantage

FRM or PRM - Key Advantage

CFA - Advantage but not necessary

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