FRM certificate

Hi All,

i have cleared level 2 FRM in November 2018 and submitted by work experience on Jan 4 however, till now i have not received any confirmation from GARP institute about validity of my work experience. Can someone confirm how much time institute takes approve the work experience?

Wait…first they should solve those who submitted on January 3rd and that’s, imo, about 95 % of candidates.

Otherwise, how do you expect that someone to answer this question when neither GARP knows how many candidates have applied before you and how long the whole process may take? Ask them, if you don’t trust me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply!

I meant if someone who has applied for FRM certificate in past can confirm, generally GARP takes how much time? Like a month or 2 months or may be more.

I was pretty much confided that the process would last no more than 2-4 weeks according to previous years postings on internet forums but seems this year everyone has decided to be the first to submit. So there is a big load to the system.

I submitted work experience on Jan 3. Still shows “under review” as of now. I wonder if this is still considered a normal time frame.

This is an update to my post above. The purpose is to give everyone a sense of how fast GARP reviews work experience or resume submitted.

  • 1/3/19: I submitted my initial work experience as soon as I received my score
  • 2/20/19: GARP emailed me saying that my work experience was not clear enough for them to understand my role in “financial risk management”
  • 2/21/19: I resubmitted my work experience with more details
  • 3/13/19: GARP approved my work experience and notified me via email

For me, it took GARP 7 weeks to do the 1st round of review and 3 weeks for the 2nd round of review. Hope it’s helpful for anyone eagerly waiting to get certified

Last I checked they have not updated the Q1 FY19 charterholders directory either; however, I’m about to check that now as well .

hi mate,
could you please tell us , what did you write or what does your work experience include to satisfied them.