FRM,CFA,CMT For a student

Hey! I am 20 years old and I am from Russia. I currently study at Finance University under the government of Russian Federation. I am writing on this forum because I want to know if I am on the right side. I passed CMT level 1 and planning to take level 2 and also I have enrolled for FRM level 1. I am very disciplined and spend too much time studying but do I make a right thing? Too many people say me here, in Russia, that there are no any needs for taking the exams before taking a job or practice. It is quite hard to get a job in Russia even if I pointed out the facts about the exams and my motivation in the resume. What are your advices for me? Should I go on or I should change something? Overall, may you give me some tips and tricks :slight_smile:

Hi mate,
Look, professional certifications are important as well as job experience, so they are parallel.
Now, you are young, have plenty of time and motivations. So look at it from this side, you could finish one or two professional certifications now (when you have power and time), and then a job comes after that at least it will be a credit for you when you apply for a job.
Do not look at the Russian market only, when you have professional certifications and after that, having experience, that will open lots of door to other markets like Europe and Dubai for example, and you would have experience internationally. Alternatively, you would have a chance with multinationals firms in Russia