FRM & CFA L3..?

Just wondering, would writing level 1 FRM in November and level 3 CFA in June be too much? I’m doing L1 in Dec., hopefully pass and do L2 in June, and since there’ll be some downtime before I need to start studying for L3 I figure why not get started on the FRM since that’s my next goal anyway? So basically, would starting studying for L3 in December be too late to get a beyond-decent effort in?

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I didn’t start studying for L3 until December. Serious studying only started in February or so. Not sure if you will feel burned out after FRM, but if not, it seems like enough time.


What about squeezing in CAIA too?

you know, I haven’t started working my way though the Victoria Secret Angles yet but I plan to start soon. Do you think towards the end of that I’d be able to start working on the SI Suimsuit models at the same time?


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To be clear, you’re talking about doing:

* CFA L1 in December 2012 * CFA L2 in June 2013 * FRM P1 in November 2013 * CFA L3 in June 2014

This seems like a pretty reasonable schedule, but worrying about CFA L3 in 2014 is getting waaaaaay ahead of yourself, when you have yet to pass even the first exam.

Worry about passing level 2 cfa before even considering FRM or anything else

I’m sorry and I’m being genuine, but where does one see the FRM designation? I rarely if ever see it.

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I agree with Wendy on this one. You haven’t even taken Level 1 yet. Take it, then get past Level 2. Then you’ll have a pretty good idea of how much you need to study.

your planning will change when you recieve CFA Level 1 Material. I am pretty sure abt that