FRM + CFA level 1


I am 32 and currently unemployed. Have an MSc degree. Searching for a job for the last 4 years. Now, I want to switch to Finance and planning to do FRM L 1 in 05.2021 and CFA L 1 08.2021.

Do I stand a chance, considering my age, to get an entry-level position in the industry?

Looking forward to your answers.

Thank you

Hi Dhrumil,

If i have guessed it right then you must be from India. I would advice that dont think much about your age now. Just clear the exam first . Give your best shot . After that its all about the networking you do and additional skills you have such as Excel, Python , R and you should get opportunities. So , dont worry and carry on with your studies. best of luck for your exams.

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Guys any news for nov20 exam, delay again or not? Ive sent multiple email to frm membership asking this question but no reply for them.

Compared to cfa, frm services is so badd. I’m cfa charterholder, their cs is very responsive.

Hi mate ,

First, don’t think about the age. Its only number.

The chartered open lots of doors.

Therefore, you should think which one suits you. What I mean by that, do not put yourself under pressure and confuse yourself when you think about FRM & CFA.

I think if I were in your shoes, I would focus on FRM. Clear it first and then if I have time after that and I have job (money) I would go for CFA L 1 only.


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