FRM Continuing eduction requirement

Hey guys, I’m new to the FRM, just finished the CFA exams. I was wondering if there is a continuing education (CE) requirement for the FRM similar to that of the CPA?

No, not that I am aware of. I just received the designation 5 months ago and immediately cancelled my membership with GARP because you can continue to use the FRM designation without paying annual dues. The only benefit to the dues is their monthly RISK magazine. Not a very smart business decision on their part.

Once you pass the exam and have 2 yrs Risk experience, you are a FRM for life. I have also let the GARP membership expire. They have sent emails reminders prior to and after the expiry date.

Where did you read that you can continue to use the FRM designation?

guys where did you read that you can use FRM designation without paying ? as far as I know only PRMIA says you dont have to pay annual dues to use PRM designation .

bump, still waiting for this confirmation. Would love it but I can’t find it on their website.

You have to pay dues.

Do I need to be an Individual Member in order to use the FRM Designation? A: GARP does not currently require you to be an Individual Member to use your FRM designation.