FRM - hours of preparation!

Approximately how many hours of preparation are required for the FRM exam? The CFA for example estimates 250 hours for each of their three levels. Chandran

i think FRM recommends the same.

frank, how far are you in your CAIA prep? I have the test on the 21st…did everything except the black quant book and the two practice tests. The orange anson book, which is 45% of the test, was so time consuming to read 600 pages, sigh.

stern, i feel very confident giong in. the only thing i haven’t completely done is memorize all those distribution statistics for the respective strategies. i’m ready to go within 5 days now and my exam is on 17. I’ll be in the best shape of my life. i found a lot of mistakes in schweser which is really bothering me. i’m also concerned about managed futures and the respective effect it has on a diversified portfolio. Anson states with his results that it doesn’t benefit, however, from the same Anson source, papers by Schneeweis , Edwards, demonstrates that private commodity pools are beneficial. i can’t wait to get this exam over with.

Thanks Frank - any ideas on what is the preferred study material. Like Schweser/Stalla are for the CFA exam Chandran

i’m using schweser and the FRM handbook.

Thanka again Frank! Chandran

did you read the black quant book? What was your study strategy?

yes, the black quant book is awesome. i also have two other books from my download, one of which is called. “a course on hedge funds” and the other is by bloomberg. both sucked in comparison to the black book. however, there are a lot of mistakes in there that the author doesn’t correct. for instance the M Square equation is wrong. But aside from taht, i think the black book is very comprehensive for an introductory text on HF. my strategy is to understand the concepts fist, then memorize those stupid distributions and facts as exam time approaches. i’m not memorizing certain things like Jobson/korkie “omega” definition Modified VAR SKew and Kurtosis equations.