FRM in May & FRM in June 2012


I have two friends at the office who want to sit for both Level 1 of the FRM and Level 2 of the CFA exams in May and June, respectively. They work full time and travel on business a few times per month.

Having taken these exams, I told them that both exams are tough and require a substantial amount of time to prepare (at least 300 hours each). It is a tough proposition. I told them to concentrate on the CFA in June and FRM in November, but they still think they can do it if they start to study now.

If you have taken both of these exams together, can you please share your thoughts about the preparation time and provide any suggestions? I will pass along to them your experience with this crazy idea.

Thank you.

even i was planning to do so…already registered… unfortunately i have realised late i cant do both due to office pressure… havent started studying any of them yet…

so have postponed FRM to nov12… :slight_smile:

Some feedback on attempting both papers together -