FRM Integrated or FRM L1

Hi guys, Just share your thoughts regarding integrated FRM and FRM L1. Having background of CFA L2 candidate , should one go for FRM L1 or FRM integrated!!

Depends on how much time you can or are willing to put in. It is a very personal decision if you are deciding between the two options. You can also look at the other posts that have discussed this to some extent. Having said that, quite a few of the L2 candidates (who are awaiting results) are planning on the Full FRM, some other are not. Again, pick your battle… Cheers.

if you have 250-400 hours go for FRM full.

I agree with SalZ, it’s a really personal choice. If your workload is minimum for the next 4 months, then go with integrated because you’ll have more time studying. Personally, I’m going with 1 level of FRM. I don’t think I can dedicate that much time for full FRM at this moment.

Thank you guys…I think I am going for FRM L1 this time!!

I started with the FULL prep but am rethinking (have 13 more days to decide).

Integrated should be fine. Its doable.

I’m going for FRM Full, but I REALLY need to get crackin’ on this studying thing.

Thinking of doing the Full one but then looking at how much time we have left and the amount of material have to cover using Schweser, might go for Level 1. Only issue is that being a Level 2 CFA candidate again in June 2010, if I decide to do FRM Level 2 using the 2009 material, it only covers for May 2010 I believe. Is that correct?

I’m doing the integrated as I’d rather get the phucker out of the way and I have oodles of time these days. Also swaying my decision was that this is the last time I can knock it all out in one sitting.

skill, you’re in as well? cfa2 was a good lead into the FRM curriculum congrats on passing btw

Yeah, just signed up and ordered my books a couple of days ago. Starting lauging my ass off when I saw Schweser recommends 500 hours for this thing…I’m shooting for 200 and will realistically hit 150. You passed? If so, congrats…and yeah, the amount of overlap is large so far (although I am only on page 26 of Book 1).