FRM L2 Preparation for May'19 Attempt..

Hi Guys,

Just passed L1, Any idea on how to go about for L2 preparation for May’19 attempt? study grp would be good…any1?

Any idea on coaching for FRM L2 in Bangalore? what are the options and which 1 is the best?




Social security number?

Hi, first of all, Congrats on your success on P1!

I personally think it is not necessary to get personal coaching for FRM Part II nor do I think it is cost effective.

I managed to pass FRM Part II in the previous diet (November 2018).

I started revision two months prior to the exam during my weekends. Usually I did an intense 8-to-10-hour intense revision on either Saturday or Sunday but not both (Jesus I need at least one day off per week please). And I took one and a half week off just before the exam.

Eventually I passed with 32113.

Bionic Turtle is awesome.

BT is the last material I used for my FRM Part II exam. It comprises lecture slides and course videos.

As you may all know, FRM is highly quantitative. David Harper, the founder and lecturer of BT, magically transforms difficult mathematical concepts into easily understandable stuff. The only down side about it is their quantities of their video – there is a bit too much and might spend you too much time. That being said, with two months of studies, I cleared all the videos and left with time for mock papers.

You should try watching David’s sample video on youtube.

Most of them are quite stale but it is still a good reference.

Also this might sound stupid but I found David’s sound and the cute turtle logo so calming. I am not a fan of cartoon plus I am almost 30. But every time when I was so frustrated by the overwhelming exam content, I found the smiling thumb-up turtle encouraging.

Feel free to inbox me if you have any questions. I am pleased to help.



Most of my friends have passed L2 with Schweser so i would heavily bank on it. Coaching doesn’t seems like a goood idea to me.

Also if you want to deep dive, i would suggest to go with BT.