FRM Level 1 after CFA Level II

Hello, I just took the CFA Level II exam yesterday. I felt good about it but regardless of the result, I won’t touch CFA again until early next year and I am thinking of taking the FRM exam in November. I got a few questions about FRM (If these questions have been asked, please direct me to the right thread). My background: undergrad degree in econ and math. A ms finance degree and currently working in asset management industry. 1) How much time do I need to prepare for the FRM exam given my background? I think I can dedicate around 400-500 hours between now and November like I studied for CFA Level II in 4 months. 2) Given my background and time commitment, can I do both FRM Level I and II at the same time? 3) Does the exam registration fees include all the study materials we need? When I tried to check out, it seems like I need to pay $2XX extra for the electronic version? 4) Is third-party study material necessary? If yes, Schweser or Bionic Turtle? My company paid for my CFA, not sure if they will pay for FRM. If not, i will have to go with the cheaper option. Thanks for the help!

  1. You should have no problem passing if you can put in 400 to 500 hours. I found the FRM exams easier than the CFA exams. 2) It is definitely possible to pass level 1 and 2 at the same time, especially considering how much time you are able to put into it. But personally I would not suggest it. If you fail either one you have to write both again. 3) study material is extra, hard copy costs more than electronic version only. 4) I did not use third party material for level 1 or 2. If you have the time to go through the required readings and frm handbook you should find the exam very straight-forward.

CFA_TO, Thanks for the reply. Is the FRM Handbook, 6th Edition the same as the one sold in Amazon: That costs as much as CFA. How much time does GARP or other people recommend spending on each level of FRM? Thanks!

Hey jordan23 , I also just took CFA Level II and registered for FRM Level I November. Do you live in NYC?

Yes, that is the same book. You can probably buy a used one for a lot less. Mine will be available July 6th after I confirm that I passed. I think GARP recommends 250 hours, but check the website to be sure.