FRM level 1 and CFA level 2 together? Possible or Mental Suicide?

I am going to take CFA level 2 this june and this is my first attempt. I have a lot of free time now and will be mostly free for the next three months. So I am thinking about whether I can do FRM level 1 along with this? Is it pushing it too far or can it be achieved. Are there significant areas which are common in both CFA levels (1&2) and FRM level 1 or will this be like attempting mental suicide ? Forgot to mention that I am yet to start with level 2 preparation and yes,I know that level 2 is very tough. Just wondering if there is a lot of similarity between the two courses that might make it worth attempting both. wink

You should be fine if you plan to take the FRM Part I in November, after the CFA in June. Then take the next level of the CFA next June and FRM Part II in November 2017. Previous posts from people who have taken both certifications mention that there’s about a 50% overlap in material. An few months after the June CFA should be enough to tackle the topics covered in the FRM that are outside of the CFA.

Taking the FRM in May then the CFA in June? IMHO, mental suicide.

I guess I will take FRM after CFA level 2…like you said , it might be a little too much to handle…thanks.

Definitely take the FRM after CFA level 2. I did FRM combined part 1 & 2 (the last time they were together) after CFA level 2. To do them May and June would be a tough ask.

I am currently a candidate for both i.e. CFA Level 2 in June and FRM Part 1 in May. A month to go!!! I wish everyone luck for their respective exams.