FRM Level 1 Best QBank Prep

I may be overkilling this but I’ve read multiple posts here and there doesn’t seem to be a solid consensus on this. I bought the FRM books and the readings are fine but aren’t much without practice questions.

I’ve seen seen very mixed reviews on the following prep options-

Kaplan Schweser:

+good with concepts

-barely passes you

-has practice questions that FRM doesn’t cover

Bionic Turtle:

+gives you solid preparation

-very difficult questions/is overkill

-has practice questions that FRM doesn’t cover



My company won’t cover more prep materials so not looking to break the bank here buying everything. What do people recommend for best practice questions prep?

The only option I’ve seen online that offers just practice questions is Wiley but seeing as they have not updated their website to the Nov 2016 exam I am not so sure how updated the Q set is (also without a lot of reviews I remain hesitant to make any purchases). If anyone knows of any other options available as well (that they found helpful) would appreciate that too!