FRM Level 1 Help

Hello Guys, i hope you all are doing well. I will be appearing for FRM level 1 in Nov 2015.

I have cleared CFA 1 and CFA 2 but havent appeared for CFA level 3 since 2012.

I started studying from Scheweser but waiting for FRM Level 1 books to dispatch at my house.

I have started from Book 3 and seems like i dont know anything about futures and Options. its seems like i am reading all things from start and needs to develop the base.

Plus the biggest problem i am facing is to develop a rhythm and routine for my studies as i am full time employed and also a father of 2 daughters.

So guys any advice how should i approach this FRM 1?

When i first saw the books and course seems like i will nailed it because i know 60% more stuff but now seems like i am lacking on knowledge part.

Do not panic. It is perfectly understandable that you are seeing everything new after 3 years of gap. Strongly recommend, stay away from GARP books, if you want to pass. Keep your mobile in a shut off mode while you study. Within 15 days the rythm will be back and you will recall everything. Good luck.

Thank for the motivation.

I know i need to focus few days and things will be fine.

I am just surprised on one thing that is to Keep myself away from GARP books.

Do you think schewser books enough to pass FRM.

Any advice and strategy

Yeah why do you recommend staying away from GARP books…I am studying solely from those books at the moment for my first read through, and then will supplement with Bionic Turtle.