FRM Membership renewal

Hi I was wondering whether it’s mandatory to renew the membership (by paying 150 USD) to use the FRM designation ? I paid last year though . what does GARP say about non renewal of membership

I don’t think so.

Agree with FRMer, its somewhere on the GARP website that you dont have to be a paying member to use the title. Cant retreive the exact link anymore though.

Sorry, shall we pay any due to use “FRM” on name cards once we finished the 2 parsts exam ?

Yes. In addition to passing the two exams, you will need to have your two-year experience approved and an individual GARP membership to earn the right to use the FRM acronym after your name. It is not clear on the GARP site whether you will be required to be a due-paying GARP member to continue to use FRM after your name once the certificate is awarded. In my opinion, this policy will change once GARP has enough members and the certification is more recognizable. GARP will not pass on the revenue potential then.

I did not renew my membership 2 months ago and while getting reminders and all they never told me i could not use the letters behind my name anymore. So i guess it is not necessary to keep paying after receiving the title. And if it is, then GARP has a huge communications problem :wink:

Anyone else can confirm that it is not necessary to keep paying after receiving the title ?

I saw a message on my cellphone saying that I had made a payment of 195 USD towards GARP. On investigating further I found out that it was an auto renewal of GARP membership. Now I havent been using the registered email for around 6 months. Neither did I know that renewing the membership next year would cost me 195 USD and that to when it’s not necessary to write the exam (apparently it’s been hidden in one of their hand books). I’ve written to GARP to provide me with a refund the very day they auto renewed it. Would they be doing it?

see my answer to this on another thread…approach them…accept your mistake…they will refund