FRM Nov 2020 : Will it happen?

  • Yes
  • No

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Guys any news for nov20 exam, delay again or not? Ive sent multiple email to frm membership cs asking this question but no reply for them.

Compared to cfa, frm services is so badd. I’m cfa charterholder, their cs is very responsive.

The number of FRM exam candidates for each sitting is way lesser than CFA exams. I think exams are likely to go ahead.

Of course, depends on local regulations as well.

Im from indonesia. Govt just put more restriction in jakarta recently, covid cases also spike up. A month before exam date now, i wish they give us option to postpone exam, dont want to risk my life for an exam

Monitor the October 2020 exam; that should be act as an indicator.

While that happens, just keep up the prep.

In Saudi , the FRM exam will conduct on time