frm Nov. L1 2015 after bachelors degree

I have completed my graduation from field of management studies and now planning to sit for frm 1 Nov. 2015. Plz suggest me proper notes to study from and also many say that it is better to give CFA first, but my interest is in the field of risk mgmt. Should I go for frm and after clearing this hurdle then try for CFA

Financial risk management I presume? Are you any good at math?

Yes pretty good!!

But what is general tendency?? What should i opt for?? I had some topics related to risk in my last year! Some say that nobody does frm straight after graduating. Plz some one give me one solid opinion

And my personal interest is frm.

I think you should go heavy on the quant if you really want to be in risk management. I don’t think FRM or CFA gives you that kind of exposure.

And I would probably refer to for better information on this subject.