FRM part 1 useful to find an internship?

Hi all,

In march I completed my Master’s degree in Finance and I’m doing an internship in Switzerland (summer internship until september). Then, I would like to start my risk management career by getting an internship in risk management but I feel that my academic background and work experiences are not strong enough compared to other candidates.

  • Would be useful for me to obtain the FRM part 1 in November?

  • Will this add value to my CV? Does the FRM part 1 make me outstanding from other cadidates?

  • Are 3 months enough to prepare for the exam?

Thank you,


Tough question to answer. 3 months may be enough depending on your familiarity with the material.

Obviously, any certification helps, but while I am pursuing the FRM now, I wouldn’t push myself to pass the exam to enhance my employment prospects. My guess is that finding a good networking opportunities would be far more valuable for obtaining a job - especially w/ the MS. Pursue the FRM/CFA after you are in your new job and you have a more clear vision of what you’ll be doing.