FRM Part 2 - Current issues in financial markets (HFT, etc)

I just started reading the second section of book 4 (current issues in financial markets) and since this part has only been introduced this year, I’m suspicious of the quality of material Schweser has provided. Seems way too easy to be roughly 10-12% of the syllabus.

Anyone else who se giving part 2 now thinks the same?

Oops - admins, could i please request you to move it to the FRM page.

Much appreciated!

No one on AF is taking FRM Part 2 in May?!

Even worse - Less than a month for exam and Bionic Turtle has not yet updated notes/question set for entire current issues (10%-12%). I’m seriously worried with my choice of going with BT for part 2 :frowning:

Similar situation as you, whcih is why I bought Schweser notes yesterday - whilst they cover the material, they don’t have enough questions to make me feel confident about anything.