FRM Part-2

Hi Guys,

I have registered for FRM part 2 in November this year. I was just wondering if anyone else here going for part 2 in November.

Count me in

Same. Already started studying.

Will be writing part 2 in November 2017. Can we form a whatsapp group?

Me too. Currently awaiting my CFA L3 scores. Not sure I’ve got the motivation to start yet. Still recovering from the CFA test day.

I aim to start light study in the first week of July but we will see…

Its wonderful we all are writing this exam in November.

I agree with DRajput, making a group and sharing our progress will help us stay motivated and keep studying. How about if we make a group on facebook . Anyone of us can start the group and share the link here and we all can join. What do you think Deal_Clincher.

Yes, Sparkmeister CFA Level 3 exam is tough one. Take your time. I have not started either but I have purchased Schewezer’s notes for study. I am planning to start soon and I was thinking to start with credit risk. ifightbears989 what have you started with.

To tell you the truth although I have registered but I am still afraid that I will be able to do it. I understand its a lot of study and we need to stay committed. I know for me making groups always help to keep us motivated and stay on track. Also I cleared level 1 four years ago, so this is my last chance for level 2, I have to do it.

Good Luck to all.

Add me in the watsapp group (+91)9650944366. Will follow Sch + BT(QB+ videos) mostly + Official curriculum as n when required

I still have to download whatsapp on my phone. May be it sound weird but I never used it before. I will let you know as soon as I am successfully able to download it. I have a samsung phone and its asking me to make some google account first. Anyways I will see what I do. If anyone makes facebook group please do share the link.

I have started study today. Read first chapter of credit risk from scheweser. Not much but at least I have started :slight_smile:

+82 1092333154

Could you add me in he group?

I really appreciate it.


Is there a whatsapp group of FRM Part 2 students?

Hi Guys ,

I am also appearing for Nov 17 FRM L2 . Please add me to the whatsapp group .My number is +91-8600175280 (India number)

im in too +27 83 6055251

South African number

Hi jimmyanderson,

I am subscriber to prepsmarter. Don’t worry, it is a great platform to practice. I am giving my part II thanks to them. I was shocked to see that ateast 40-50% of the questions were quite similar to what I had practice on the platform. they best part is that if you answer a question correctly it throws an even harder one towards you which really is challenging. I had practiced over 2000 questions on prepsmarter website and app and let me tell you buddy you will not face any issues in the exam. it is the perfect companion to GARP official material as everything is aligned as per the updated norms. Good Luck :slight_smile:

^^ so much of marketing Lol

Hi Guys ,

I am also appearing for Nov 17 FRM L2 . Please add me to the whatsapp group .My number is

+91-94222 46439 (India number)

Please add me . Hemnath. 9488111033

Admin, would appreciate if you could add me to the FRM level 2 study group pls. +91-9833713563

I would also like to be added in! Not sure whom to approach for that?

Please add me to the FRM group +82 10-2086-8915 (S.Korea)

Has anyone form a group yet?