FRM part I&II at the same time

Hi Guys

I just recently finished my Honours at a South African university majoring in Finance. I am hoping to take both levels of FRM in May 2019. I will not be working during the period from January to May and so I will have around 4 months to prepare. I’d like advice about taking both exams on the same day given my time constraints and my educational background.

Thanks in advance.

I’m taking both parts next Saturday. Too early to give you an advice. I’ll be smarter thereafter, so could help you. Thus far, studying for both at the same time is similar like preparing one CFAI Level 2. That’s how I was advised too before the journey and that’s how exactly it is.

How much time did you have to prepare? And do you feel confident at the current moment?

Well. I have started early in mid February. Got difficulties mostly in P2, Market and Credit risk part. Yep. I have started felt confident since late August.

Alright great.

So since you have gone through the material, would you advice that I take on each level at a time or that I go for both in May 2019 considering that it is all that I will be doing from January to May?

My two cents and what made me NOT do both exams on the same date, is that you should also consider the fact that you have two 4 hour exams and so there’s mental fatigue. A CFA exam is two 3 hour exams in comparison.

Well. It depends on your situation. In my case it was the only acceptable option. And yes, regarding studying, it’s duable especially if you start early. I’d rather suggest you to start now, not wait until January if you decide to go that route.