FRM Part I

That was way harder than any practice booklets or mataerials by GARP or Schweser. Flat out guessed on around 5 questions.

Which questions?

^ Not sure we should discuss any specific questions.

Just thought it was difficult in general, compared to CFA exams and to the FRM practice exams.

I expected more quant. There were some questions I had no idea what and how to calculate to arrive at one of their answers.

This year’s November exam date is earlier than all of the last 4 5 years, I hope the results will be released before the New Year. Any clue about the results date?

I am seriously shocked by the exam

I appeared in the cfa l1 and l2 and passed both in the first attempt. I felt the question was pretty straightforward.

FRM Exam

I can count 10 numericals were tough i had no idea how to derive - did schweser and bionic turtle

10 subjective questions were very confusing

20 -25 questions were very tough level i feel

40 easy and 35 questions medium level

I believe getting 60 questions correct will be more than enough to pass

I passed L1 and L2 first time as well and I think that GARP writes a WAY harder exam. I hear that GARP will realease exam results early if they are ready (unlike CFA).

Then we are on the same boat friend hoping for a pass.


hey guys, I totally underestimated the difficulty level of the FRM Part I exam… saw schweser’s practice tests, past year questions of FRM and thought I would sail through… but well, I am really worried now about my chances… the questions were tough indeed… I just hope I pass…

I feel the same way. However, reading through the past threads of post-FRM talk, it seems everyone was a little shocked at the difficulty of the exam. This is somehwat calming.

true that man!! good to know that people have felt the same way post exam… ATB for the results yes

It was way harder than I thought indeed. I underestimated the volumn of the exam too, giving it about little more than 2 months of preping without much stressing out compare to L1 and L2 CFA. Should have done more than that I guess. Still hoping though. Just got an email, the result will be out on January 2, 2015. It either make my New Year or kill the mood altogether.

I hear GARP will release results early if they are ready, unlike CFAI. So may even make or break Xmas lols.

Thank you for the info. The wait is also worse part.


l simply couldn’t agree more with you! Felt exactly the same way… On 71 St question I had 1 hr left, not enough time for anything… It’s quite frustrating.

Wanted to ask for your opinion and perhaps others can comment too, on the doing the full tuition classes with a course provider , I.e. KAPLAN and whether that would make any difference in terms of the exam prep materials they provide and how close that is to the real thing.

thanks for sharing your exam experience

I used Schweser notes and practice exams. Did not feel like they were on par with the difficulty of the exam.

Might re evaluate what I use next time around (if redoing P1 or for P2).

Hi all!

I have a question regarding the Kaplan course ( that costs about 2000 pounds ) which includes lectures/ workshops etc. has anyone done it , is it really worthed ( in terms of getting a good idea about the actual exam’s content )? Or is it more for people that have never done finance before and need guidance by lecturers etc. trust Bionic turtle is good enough in terms of difficulty for one to prepare for the actual exam but then again , exam was quite hard last month.

opinions / input on this will be very much appreciated , especially regarding the value one could derive from paying for a full Kaplan/ other course that includes lecturing.

Many thanks!!

Did anyone think that Bionic Turtle prepared them well enough?

Let’s take the prm after the frm bros

you are alpha