FRM part1_ Wold's Theorem

Can someone explain Wold’s theorem and its significance.

I remember not really being able to grasp the significance or real meaning of this concept eithe…I can’t help you with explanations, however I would advise you not to spend TOO long on single, very complex theories like this found in the curriculum. I could have studied that for weeks and it would have been no use to me in the exam…

Hey thanks S666.

I am also a CFA LII candidate and I know covariance stationarity, How to correct it using lags. But the FRM curriculum keeps adding on the unnecessary stuff for simple to understand concepts.

How would you suggest spending the last week. I have completed the schweser mocks and 2016 official mocks. Should I revise the whole curriculum again or go about doing more mocks.

I just spent the last few weeks hammering the Bionic Turtle practice questions and mocks…thought that prepared me very well for what was in the actual exam.

I found Schweser questions to be a little too easy so didn’t bother with them much.

If you can get your hands on the BT questions that would be helpful to you, I have no doubt.