I know there are been many previous posts about FRM/PRM. What about the reputation of CERA? Is CERA geared more towards insurance enterprise risk? Whereas FRM/PRM is for everything else other than insurance companies? From perspective of a investment firm, would CERA be even useful in RM function? Or forget the CERA and just go for FSA? Any ideas/thoughts/bellyaches/gripes/etc?

never heard of CERA…maybe I am ignorant, maybe its a dif country thing, maybe the designation ain’t worth squat. In my opinion why don’t people stick with what is widely known MBA, CFA, CPA if you are taxy, etc instead of alphabet souping it just to have a designation

I’m going to guess the majority of people on this forum have no idea what a CERA is. For now its value is limited to insurance companies and maybe some risk management consultants. That may change over time and is dependent on how big an issue ERM will become, which in turn depends on regulators and shareholder pressure. In light of the financial crisis, the market for people with ERM experience and credentials might be pretty decent going forward.

I am hoping to be a CERA pretty soon. At this time though, PRM and FRM and more known designations. Risk management is serious business though and I think what you need is either a PhD or actuarial designations.

I’ve heard of it, but I’d be hesistant to obtain it unless it directly related to your career path [you could better spend that time drinking or meeting a mate(s)]. I don’t think it will get to the FRMs level…which isn’t saying much.

i work with a bunch of actuaries at an insurance company and the cera is highly valued…but that is in risk management… from what i know, cera can extend beyong risk management, but it is geared for insurance risk professionals…if you want to work at a computer all day and come up with models with hardly any social interaction, it is up your alley… if you would like the more business side, i suggest frm… sorry i cannot go into detail, i am off to a meeting… if you want more info, let me know…

CERA is like the financial actuarial equivalent of the ASA, while the FSA is a level above ASA. At one point in my career I was thinking about getting the ASA (I have couple of exams under my belt already – just need like another 3 more). I heard that the CERA is fairly new, that it’s a bit easier (in terms of # of exams) compared to the ASA. Here’s some more detail:

> I heard that the CERA is fairly new, that it’s a bit > easier (in terms of # of exams) compared to the > ASA. CERA and ASA are equivalent designations. Someone who becomes a CERA may also call themselves an ASA interchangably. CERA cuts out the life contingencies exam but you have to take the FSA-level ERM exam (not required for ASAs), which I’ve heard is a b!tch.