FRM prospectus in India

Hi i just want to know prospectus of job after FRM level 1 for a fresher with MBA finance and financial modeling, SAS, SQL and predictive analytics as skills. I also want to know if quant is bit weak then would it be a big disadvantage n can i go into investment banking on the basis of FRM without CFA as i do not want to do CFA. what is average salary for a fresher with FRM level 1 having above mentioned qualification. i want to give it in MAY 2016 is there any free material available for me just tohave an overview of syllabus.

Prospects of job totally depend on the kind of network and profile you have. If you have a good profile and an excellent network, you may end up getting a decent job. But, if you are trying to apply on job sites with an FRM or FRM Part 1 tag, it may not work out correctly. Coming to the package, it is totally dependent on the number of years of relevant work-ex and the employer. I can’t comment anything on Investment Banking or the software packages that you’ve listed. ​Don’t be in a pre-conceeded notion that you’ll get a decent job after L1, get into whatever the role that you can with your existing MBA degree and then think of moving after getting the right opportunity. Create a safe base. You’ll have to spend time on Quant, you don’t need solid background in that.

Even I am preparing for part 1 in May 2016 and I am just a fresh college graduate.

Coming to the free material, I don’t think you’ll be getting any such free material which is perfectly tailor made for your attempt. You’ll have to buy Schweser/Bionic Turtle and read it along with the GARP official ones. For an overview of syllabus you can watch videos on youtube. There are a lot of people in India who are done with their FRM and there are a few videos giving comprehensive overview of FRM curriculum. Apart from that you can even go through the PDF documents released officially by GARP.

why would you want to do FRM after MBA… are u not confident of your skills gained through MBA? I understand a FRM pursuing MBA to widen his skillset but vice - versa i dont see any reason…

The same reason why somebody would do a CFA after MBA. I am an MBA from on of the better known B-Schools from India and though I did not have credit in Finance, I can vouch for one fact -MBA from any B-School do not MATCH up to the level of an FRM. And there is no other course in the world that I am aware of that teaches Risk Management and BASEL (though part of it is optional) to the extent that FRM does. Let’s face it…we all know the fad factor of an MBA… and I might dare add any MBA from any B-School around the world. You do’t burn the midnight oil go this extent to get your MBA.

Then why do an MBA in first place if CFA/FRM>>> MBA (from top B School)

** when i said FRM…I meant CFA too