FRM Reading/ Digital Library

Hello, I am new to FRM and I just registered for FRM Part I. I got an e-mail from GARP about the “Digital Library Purchase Details”. My question is, what other readings do I need to purchase for the program? I thought GARP will send me 4 books of readings. Also, does anyone know if the “LOCKLIZARD SAFEGUARD PDF VIEWER PLUG-IN” works on Mac computers? I tried installing it but failed. Thanks! Jordan23

Also, when I registered yesterday, I didn’t see the option that I need to buy the FRM Handbook. Is the book necessary for the study? Or is it just good to have?

i am very confused also, should i buy the frm handbook only or the course pack only or both or what ???

I got it figured out. I think the GDL is for you to buy additional articles from them. The course pack came in 4 books. I think we need both the FRM Handbook and the course pack.

You need the course pack and the free readings from the GDL to prepare for the exam. The FRM Handbook is optional. It has a summary of the FRM topics and contains a CD with old FRM questions to practice. By the way, you can buy the FRM Handbook 6th edition at Amazon 30% cheaper than at GDL. Good luck!!