FRM registration fees clarification

Just a quick clarification required before I register myself for the FRM Part 1 in Nov 2017.

Discounting the price of study materials, is $400 (registration) + $350 (part 1) + $350 (part 2) = $1,100 absolutely the full price I have to pay to earn this qualification, assuming I pass both on my first tries? Are there any other somewhat hidden fees, or is that absolutely it? Am I required to pay anything additional to earn my full qualification, and are there any yearly maintenance payments required to keep my qualification/designation active in the future?

I just wanted to have this clarified.


I think that’s correct if you don’t need any study material. If you need study material you have to add an additional 250 USD for part I and 300 USD for part II (both prices for the printed version). Since you can’t learn without material I would see the costs for the study material more or less as mandatory.

Yes niki you are correct. There are no hidden costs. If you pass both the levels and get your 2 years work experience verified by GARP, you will be FRM certified. You need not pay anything additional to maintain the certification.

I didn’t say i don’t need any study materials (of course not!), but I haven’t bought any and their prices seem to vary, so I would like to discount them from the most basic cost of earning this qualification.

Thanks for the replies and confirmation though folks!

Just another quick clarification I would like regarding the registration process.

Is it as simple as filling in the simple online form and making payment via CC, or do I need to provide proof of my bachelors degree (cause I am under 25, and the requirement for me is I must’ve done a degree course).

No proof is needed. Just register for the exam and create an account. That’s all.