FRM results

How did it go everyone?

I passed!

Edit: Link for those who didn’t see it yet,

I passed too. I scored 2nd quartile in Foundations of Risk Management and 1st quartile in the other 3 topics. Anyone know what the pass rate is?

I took both part 1 and 2 together. I just managed to pass part 1. Pass rates are not released yet. The results are: 1st quartile for Foundations of Risk Management and, Valuation and Risk Models 2nd quartile for Quantitative analysis and, Financial Markets and Products

Got 1st quartile in all subtopics. I think I did 4-5 questions wrong at most. Although I felt it was easy, I was definitely over-prepared. Good experience nonetheless. Can’t wait to give part 2!

Passed with 1st quartile in all subtopics. I felt prepared but was still very surprised with the score since I was so pressured with time.

i failed … scored 2nd quartile in foundation of risk management and in the 3rd quartile in all the other parts … i was extremely tired when i went for the exam… i studied for 4 months and i recognized that the exam was easy, but i simply had no energy anymore to do anything…

Got 1st quartile in all subtopics! :slight_smile:

1 1 1 3 for me, passed

Hey guys, I am studying for Level 1 now. Is it worth reading the GARP books cover to cover or should you just focus ont he practice exams? Bionic Turtle over Schewser?

I disn’t even oopen the GARP books. I used Schweser for the questions because I prefer a computer based test bank, but as has been said elsewhere the questions do not represent the difficulty of the exam, you’ll need to be doing well in the Question Bank (i.e. have a very good command of the subject) n order to deal with the increased difficutly. Schweser covers the material but the question on the day require more thinking through so if you don’t know it weel the additional time will cost you.

Hi. I couldn’t qualify level 1. My focus was just on Schweser. The exam questions were totally different as compared to the questions in Schweser notes. Please guide me as I want to qualify the level 1 in May-2012 attempt. Amir

Amir, As I see it there are two ways to go. 1 Find a new provider who has more challenging questions and use these to give you more confidence by using exam level questions. Bionic Turtle have questions much more challenging than Schweser, but they are not multiple choice and there is not the volume you would have from Schweser. 2 Stick with Schweser and drill the questions until the Schweser test bank is second knowledge. this is whatI did for the exam. By the time I got to the exam I was completing 100 questions in way below the time limit and with good results. When I got to the exam whilst I certainly found the questions more complicated the command I had of the material from drilling questions allowed me to work out what was required, and the speed I had on the simple questions allowed me more time to think.