FRM Thoughts

A student DM’d me a few questions and I thought I would share my thoughts with the community.

Glad you like the stuff, XXX. I've put years of work into it. First advice is to avoid both parts on the same day. I think once you really did into the complexity of part II you will see why. One thing I wish we could communicate better is the way I write the practice question answers are almost as important as the study notes. Pay close attention to those. Don't just check if you got the answer right and move on. I have usually explained why the other choices are wrong or how they could be correct if linked to a different topic or idea.

You will see what I mean once you start to look for it. The importance in part I is establishing intuition about the products and their relationships with each other and the quantification of risk in particular.

Also, rarely will there ever be a question posed on the exam that neatly fits a single learning objective. Think of GARP taking all the LOs then building complex questions from that content like a mosaic. I think most students are surprised by the difference between the complexity of the exam and the relatively straightforward wording of the Learning objectives themselves. On the lectures, you will hear me talk about "thinking through" the learning objective and this is what I mean.

You have plenty of time at the moment. I would say knock out the section you are least comfortable with first. For most people, that is quant but also know calculation questions seem to be more important in recent years and there are plenty of calculations outside of the quant sections.

always reach out with any questions,