FRM - Too late to start?

Anyone out there who is in the same boat? Want to try FRM for 08, but have not started yet. We have exactly 3 months.

I am also thinking about that… Also had only 2,5 month for LII and passed… even if extremely ugly pass :wink: furthermore maybe ~30% is overlap with LI & II… so i think defenitly possible. But I’m not sure how recognized FRM is and I also dont think I will ever be employed in a risk management position so i will never receive the designation. Nevertheless i want to broaden my risk & statistical knowledge. so i am also not sure if i should do the FRM. But I think it’s hard to be loaded with learning stuff all the time and no time to relax in the evening. I also just did the LI in dec and LII now in June. At the same wrote my thesis and full time working + gmat. so was a hard time!!! I am happy to relax now, but also searching for some challange…

yeah it is doable. i did the frm last year and started studying after the LII results came out. IMO the only new material versus the cfa LI and II is operational risk and the basel information. a good amount of the remaining topics are very close to cfa topics. good luck.

Yuck. The thought of studying that stuff right now makes me sick.

How many of you guys are going to do it?

I am! It’s a lot of stuff.

Very informative forum @ That website overall has a lot of educational (and FREE) things including blogs, articles, and screencasts. If you opt to pay for the package, the bionic turtle notes are pretty good as well.